Gabriel Ziegler

Research interests

Lifespan brain development and ageing
Analysis of individual differences of brain morphology
Encoding and decoding models of age
Multivariate analysis, and Gaussian processes


2012 PhD Psychology, University of Zürich, October, 2012, Thesis: Lifespan Brain Structural Trajectories and Individual Differences of Growth and Decline
2011 Bachelor of Science in Mathematics: University of Jena, Germany
2007 Diploma Degree in Psychology: University of Jena, Germany

Academic appointments (including visiting appointments)

2008 Phd Student in Structural Brain Mapping Group (Prof. Gaser), Department of Psychiatry, Jena University Hospital, and Department of Psychology, University of Zuerich
2007 Research Assistent, Autonomic Function Group (Prof. Bär), Department of Psychiatry, Jena University Hospital


G. Ziegler, R. Dahnke, C. Gaser (2012)
Partial Least Squares Correlation of Multivariate Cognitive Abilities and Local Brain Morphology in Children and Adolescents

G. Ziegler, R. Dahnke, C. Gaser (2012)
Models of the Aging Brain Structure and Individual Decline
Frontiers in Neuroinformatics, 6, pp 3

R. A. Yotter, I. Nenadic, G. Ziegler, P. M. Thompson, C. Gaser (2011)
Local cortical surface complexity maps from spherical harmonic reconstructions
Neuroimage, 56 (3), 961-73

G. Ziegler, R. Dahnke, L. Jaencke, R. A. Yotter, A. May, C. Gaser (2012)
Brain Structural Trajectories over the Adult Lifespan
Human Brain Mapping, 33, 2377-2389.

K. Franke, G. Ziegler, S. Kloeppel, C. Gaser (2010)
Estimating the age of healthy subjects from T1-weighted MRI scans using kernel methods: exploring the influence of various parameters
Neuroimage, 50 (3), 883-92

G. Ziegler, R. Dahnke, V. K. Yeragani, K. J. Baer (2009)
The relation of ventromedial prefrontal cortex activity and heart rate fluctuations at rest
Eur J Neurosci, 30 (11), 2205-10.

Conferences, Symposia, Workshops and Talks

Attendance to the “MPS-UCL Symposium and Advanced Course on Computational Psychiatry and Ageing Research”
September, 2012, Ringberg Castle, Germany.

Attendance to the “INAPIC Fall Workshop on Longitudinal Methods to Analyze Brain-Behavior Relationships”
September, 2012, Zürich.

Poster presentation Gaussian Confidence Maps for Detection of Structural Alterations on the Single Subject Level
June, 2012, OHBM Annual Meeting, Beijing.

Invited Speaker about the Individual Change Patterns in Elderly and the Structural Covariance of Decline.
June, 2012, OHBM Annual Meeting, Beijing.

Invited Speaker about the Models of Structural Brain Ageing and Variability.
December, 2011, Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences Leipzig.

Poster presentation of the Multivariate Realtion of Brain Structure and Cognitive Performance in Healthy Children.
June, 2011, OHBM Annual Meeting, Quebec City.

Poster on Preservation Effects and Hippocampal Increases of Grey Matter During Healthy Adulthood.
November, 2010, DGPA Autumn School, Oppurg, Germany.

Invited Speaker and Poster about Preservation Effects and Hippocampal Increases of Grey Matter During Healthy Adulthood.
June, 2010, OHBM Annual Meeting, Barcelona.


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